The commissioning process starts with a basic, straight forward conversation. We discuss what you are thinking or dreaming about and what I can do to accomplish that goal. I will often describe my answers to other similar ideas to see how they fit for you.

This discussion is often initiated on the phone or by email. A phone conversation is usually the more productive of the two because of the back and forth nature of the discussion. I often have many questions for you such as formal or informal, style preferences, detailed or simple, wood choices, colors etc.

Studio Visit—The best opportunity for developing a conversation is b a visit to my studio. A studio visit helps to establish the breadth of services available to you. Here you can see first hand the current works in progress, detailed full size drawings of current and past projects, the patterns lining the walls and the jigs and fixtures often used to create various parts.

It is also here that the nature of the work, the hand detailing and joinery, is apparent. The bench room predominates and is where 90% of the work is done. This is where it counts.

Going Forward—Once an understanding has been reached to go forward, the next step is in developing a design. This is one of the most critical parts of the process. A design fee is established at this point to cover the creative process. Several scale drawings or sketches are done.

After a design has been settled upon, a pricing structure is established. On projects that have a specific history with my output, a firm price can be established. For unusual and complicated pieces a range or expected cost is given with the understanding that the creative process needs flexibility for the final price.