Yesterday I had one of the most pleasurably memorable experiences of my entire life: I had lunch with Diane Griffith in her home surrounded by David Lamb originals. Honestly I was extremely moved to see all your creations.
— Jane Balshaw on Griffith Collection
It is just so graceful and so beautiful ñ it almost looks like it could levitate. Thank you for creating such a beautiful table.
— Dan & Denise Roberts on Center Table
Home is what matters to me, and I have made the decision to fill mine with functional art.
— Diane Griffith

Comments about Lambovich I & II & III

Two Granite State Legends...
Accounts of artists collaborating on projects occur throughout the history of art, says Kurt Sundstrom, Associate Curator at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. While ego and creative differences can obstruct the creative process, a work of art can conversely record a congenial relationship where both artists are self-driven to new artistic heights. Such is the case with David Lamb and James Aponovich’s collaborations. Both artists were enlivened by the other through a magnanimous exchange of ideas all directed toward a common artistic goal.
— New Hampshire Home Magazine
What a gift it is to have world-renowned masters like James and David living here in New Hampshire.
— Dan Roberts
The Piece is positively breathtaking! The next big thrill will be seeing it here in our home tomorrow. We can’t wait! We hope our home is worthy of it.
— Denise Roberts
...for so beautiful a secretary. What pleasure you have provided for me. I wonder if it will always bring tears to my eyes?
— Diane Griffith
Sure this is a significant project for us, but when we look around our house and see and continuously enjoy the beautiful things you have provided for us, and when we consider that for quite some time (10 years? Hard to believe!) we have wanted and dreamed about a David Lamb sideboard, we know that we excited as you are about this project and the current development and interplay of ideas. We consider the simplicity and elegance and creativity of your work to be nonpariel.
— Alex & Susan Deland