Elliptic Dining Table

Lambovich I


Our first collaborative with long time patron Diane Griffith. She took the initial leap of faith to commission a major collaborative. The idea of a secretary was an easy decision as it has inherent in it the opportunity for secretiveness and a sense of discovery through exploring the inner sanctum. The video on this web site should be viewed to fully appreciate the complexities this piece has to offer from its layered effects to the interior “tabernacle”, to the specially designed hardware maddest it can function as envisioned to the coordinated imagery between artists.

The painting has an imagined New Hampshire mountain scene.

Watch the Lambovich Video

The Work—The first collaboration between David Lamb & James Aponovich
The Artists & Unveiling—Unveiled at the Statehouse in Concord, NH. Attended by Gov. John Sununu, Gov. Walter Perterson, First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch and Gov. John Lynch.

The Process—David & James.

Lambovich II

Another secretary of a fall-front, stand-up type of case piece. This desk has a more contemporary feel than #1, yet is rich with detail in the French feet, inlayed cornice work and corresponding iris carvings and paintings. Here the conceal/reveal method is well displayed as the exterior painting hints at what is inside. This cabinet design is appropriate for many other varied uses.

The painting has a Crawford Notch theme with iris.

The Work

The Process

Lambovich III

The Deland sideboard was a very involved and complicated piece of cabinetry. This was probably the most personal design for a patron in that they had very distinct ideas for imagery and symbolism. The symbolism reflects their family history and is carried out through the carvings and paintings.

The hidden gem of the pieces are the retractable painting and flanking frame panels that completely disappear within the cabinet. It is even unseen when the cabinet doors are open due to a hidden compartment. Considerable effort was put into the mechanical workings of this piece.

The landscape painting is a Lake Sunapee theme with day lilies.

Lambovich IV

The largest and most involved of the collection is this breakfront. It was inspired by a stay at the Mount Washington Hotel with its stately architecture, the incredible mountain scenery, and the extreme weather the mountain and the area are known for.

Imagery reflects the “aspects of New Hampshire”; industry, agriculture, the seacoast, and the forested mountain interior. I have also included a panel dedicated to the native American and their indelible mark on New Hampshire place names like Amoskeag, Pemigewassett, Chocorua, and Mousilauke.

Of significance is the use of New Hampshire’s state tree, the white birch and the use of its material in the doors. The crotch wood lends itself to the imagery of “Frost” and ice. I wanted to use this to emphasize the weather of the north country. The use of mahogany is a nod to the historical importance of Portsmouth as an early significant trading center.

The magnificent interior painting is an “imaginative view of Mount Washington and the region and the span of the four seasons we cherish.

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