White Mountain Breakfront

I have frequently contemplated the emotional beauty and impact that music can have on the listener. I have attempted to duplicate the same effect visually. Perhaps it’s an impossible task, but the attempt should still be made. Think of this piece in terms of music. It’s not just a simple tune or even complex melody. It’s rather more like a concerto with separate, yet unifying movements.

Utilizing the broad reach of a collaborative made this idea easier to compose. The piece as presented can show two distinct, yet related personalities. Most often when major pieces are designed they are developed with a continuous, similar theme. Yes, frequently there are different aspects that we are presented such as with secretary-desks often showing an open, involved element, and a closed, secured element. The White Mountain Breakfront goes beyond this. This piece of furniture represents the most extensive, developed piece yet, personally and in the collaborative Lambovich series.

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